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Why are we Needing to Raise Funds?

donate earthquake christchurch

About our Situation and Need for Fundraising

What damage occurred from the Earthquakes of 2010/2011?

Although the Centre looks okay and is safe for operations, we have had confirmed by engineers that there is structural damage to the foundations, walls, roofs and support beams. To give you an idea of the scope of the problem, the floor levels and wall verticalities are more than 5 times over the maximum allowances of the building code. Structural damage has been confirmed by our engineers in all of the buildings including the main house. This explains the leaks, leans, and cracks we have discovered that we had been told were an optical illusion or historic. Most of the work that was completed over the last five years was cosmetic, whereas structural damage is normally addressed from the ground up. The repair work has been to such a poor standard that jobs have had to be done again.

Our work continues:

As has been the case over the last five years of repair work, we will continue in the future to offer courses, retreats, and appointments.  We are blessed to have Seva Cottage that we will be able to operate from in a few year’s time when the main building is being repaired, so that the Centre’s work can carry on uninterrupted.

Why wasn't this damage dealt with by the insurer?

We have had a long haul with the insurance company following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Over the last five years our insurance company has been overseeing repairs. The workmanship has often been poor, which has consumed a lot of our time and resources. There have been endless delays, a tactic widely used to wear people down. Thanks be to God for all the inner peace and strength we have received through our Meditation and tools.

In May, the insurance company chose to discontinue working with us, despite unfinished and failed repairs. To assess the damage properly, the Centre engaged an engineering firm.  We were surprised to be informed that there has been considerable structural damage to all of the buildings, since this was not acknowledged by the assessors or builders engaged by the insurance company.  Our requests to negotiate with the insurance company have been refused, leaving us with no choice but to have filed in court by September 4th to secure our position under the Limitations Act, and a lawyer has been engaged.

Why is the Centre raising funds?

As the insurance company has chosen not to address this, we have had no choice but to file in court. To support our case, we need expert surveys and reports, plus legal representation and court costs.

The cost for all of this is astounding and as a charity our funds are limited. Our initial costs have been estimated to be at least $100,000 and could be up to $250,000.  On top of these costs we still may not be able to recover the full costs required to complete the extensive repairs.  The shortfall for the repair work could be well in excess of $500,000 if not much more.

We need your help to raise these funds.  

Although we started off trying to raise the minimum court costs, we realise that it is imperative for everyone to understand the full scope of the Centre’s situation NOW so that you can help us in this essential endeavour.

We have now set the target at $500,000 as we know we will not need less than this.  Please begin this journey with us by supporting us in raising funds to help get our contractual obligations fulfilled by the insurer.

Why should I support the Centre?

The SevaLight Retreat Centre is for everyone, whether your life has already been transformed by the teachings or this call for help is your first introduction to the Centre. It is a place for people of all beliefs and is run with unconditional love and without dogma. The Centre is a registered charity and is run completely by dedicated volunteers. While the Centre is so much more than the building and location, we need a strong and secure place to continue to be a haven of light and peace for all who come.

So many people over the years have shared with us how their lives have been so profoundly changed by the help they have received from the Centre. Indeed, we have heard many times that the Centre saves lives.  Please help us continue to do this important work so that the loving teachings of the Centre may continue to help others now and in the future.  As this is a long-term project, can you commit to a regular contribution?

Your support is needed now for the court case and for the repair work.

We need help from everyone ~ please can you talk to your loved ones and share our situation with everyone you know.

Please contact us today on 03 359 8507, so we can talk through our situation with you and any contribution you can make for now and for the future.

The Centre is a registered charity (# CC21694), and is unique in that it is managed and operated solely by dedicated volunteers.  100% of your donation will go to the SevaLight Retreat Centre in Bishopdale, Christchurch, NZ.

If you would like further updates on the progress of our fundraising, the court case, and rebuild, please sign up for the newsletter.  We would love to let you know when there are important meetings and updates ~ it is so important that the Centre is held in the Light during these times.

donate earthquake christchurch

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