Learn Pure Meditation ~
A 5-day Course in Christchurch, New Zealand

The Pure Meditation Course is the ideal way to master yourself and find inner love, peace, and power to create your own destiny.

This is the ultimate course for your whole being ~ body, mind, and spirit. All can benefit from this powerful course, which is for everyone, no matter their backgrounds or beliefs.

About the Pure Meditation Course:

Arrive on a Sunday afternoon to get settled in and stay for the week to immerse yourself into the teachings and stillness of the Centre. Delicious, healthy meals are provided so that students can give their full attention to the spiritual. There are times to gather together for Pure Meditation morning and night and for teaching sessions throughout the day.

Upcoming Pure Meditation Courses:

Oct. 19 – 21 & 26 – 27

Nov. 17 – 23

There are currently spaces available. We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have.

  Pure Meditation has given me so much, particularly the opportunity to find a deep peace and connection to myself and all of life. I am able to be more balanced and peaceful, which also has a significant positive influence on those around me, particularly my child. ~ CT

  It isn’t easy to find peace in this world. Inner peace was always an impossibility for me until I learnt Pure Meditation. Now it feels normal to be calm and still inside. Such a beautiful feeling. ~ MC

  I could not live properly without Pure Meditation, I really miss it if I have not been able to use it. It gives me everything I need to truly live: peace, joy, wisdom to see my way forward through life’s difficulties and help me to grow into unconditional love. Nothing compares to it. ~ PP

  Pure Meditation for me puts that loving smile on my face in the morning, that contentment within me, knowing I am going to go about my day making right decisions, thinking clearer, using time efficiently. And in the evenings I sleep better and feeling grateful for all I have, even those challenges that help me grow and learn. ~ DB

  Before coming to the Centre I was uncertain about the direction and higher purpose of my life. Through learning Pure Meditation things became much clearer for me. ~ SC

  When I learned Pure Meditation my whole life changed. I was more content and found a deep sense of peace that I never knew of. ~ DM

  Pure Meditation has been my Godsend! It has brought to me a level of peace that I have never experienced before. I have become more loving, understanding, joyful. I never feel alone. I am never lonely. ~ JR

Both spiritually in-depth and practical for the modern day.

Pure Meditation includes Raja and Kriya Yoga and advanced scientific tools offering you all you need to take charge of your life and be all that you can be.

The Centre teaches and guides you in Pure Meditation under the guidance of Mata Yogananda, so that nothing in method or essence is missed, and all may be helped to Self–Realization.

A Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ♡

“The Pure Meditation Course will answer all possible questions, questions that have perhaps remained unanswered within your mind for a long time, not just on purely spiritual matters, on eating, attitudes to life, sexual matters.  It is a fully comprehensive, completely necessary course – for we cannot live a full and contented life without these deep questions being answered.

The combination of spirituality, science and down to earth knowledge must be made available for those who desire a Meditation that does give the depth and fullness required to help them forward into what should be a joyful, peaceful and loving life.  The Divine Spirit/God wants us to be happy, healthy, wise. Only with knowledge can we ourselves bring this about.

It’s not a religion – there is no Dogma only the TRUTH ~ KNOWLEDGE which CAN set your mind – YOU FREE.  All true Self~Realized Masters have known and spoken of such ways to remove the misery from our lives — from time immemorial.  Pure Meditation is for you – here – NOW. It is given in unconditional love by those who know the joys that can be obtained.  We wish only for your progress.  My love and blessings go out to you all on your journey forward.”

What is Pure Meditation?

Meditation is at the heart of the Centre’s work, as it is the quickest way to get to know yourself deeply, as you truly are, benefitting every single aspect of your life.

You may hear of many things being called by the name “Meditation”, including a peaceful walk, listening to relaxing music, breath awareness, being in nature.  However, while all of these are important and have a place in life, true Meditation goes much deeper.

“Meditation is a specific form of concentration which, in real meaning, applies only in connection with consciously tuning in with Cosmic Consciousness and cosmic supply.” ~Mata Yogananda Mahayasa Dharma

At the Centre we teach in-depth Pure Meditation over a 5-day residential course.  This is the ultimate course for your whole being ~ body, mind, and spirit.  All can benefit from this powerful course, which is for everyone, no matter their backgrounds or beliefs.

For those who feel unable to commit to the 5-day Pure Meditation Course, Pure Meditative Peace & Mindfulness is a wonderful way to begin. This class teaches a meditative peace breath and helps to bring greater peace and mindfulness. It takes an hour to learn and a few minutes to practice each day.

Whatever stage you are at with Meditation, it is always beneficial to Meditate with others to benefit from the collective vibrations of peace and stillness.  You are welcome any night of the year to join us for Pure Meditation Evenings, 8:00 Monday – Saturday and 7:00 Sunday.

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Meditation is a specific form of concentration which, in real meaning, applies only in connection with consciously tuning in with Cosmic Consciousness and cosmic supply. With the eternal science and art of Pure Meditation, which includes the highest Raja and Kriya Yogas, you can gradually awaken the cosmic power to control your own destiny and prevent failure and dis-ease. By Pure Meditation, we are withdrawing from our five sense telephones, relaxing our muscles, heart, our complete body until we can transcend to a state of bliss – extreme awareness, with blissful joy.

As we progress in our individual and planetary evolution there comes a time when we need to consciously enhance this process. Pure Meditation is given by the Masters for this purpose.  This should not be confused with visualisation, relaxation or other meditative states

Pure Meditation in essence is a way of life, and should be put into our life, not separated from it. This ancient art of Pure Meditation goes back beyond time, and yet is now still full of truth, wisdom and fulfilments. It has all the essence of its lineage, but with science and spirituality going hand in hand, you get there faster – you can fly to Self–Realization – why not?

Pure Meditation must be taught properly, for like anything worthwhile, it has its pitfalls. If you want to climb mountains you must have a good guide, who knows the way and knows what the problems are. So it is with true, Pure Meditation. It is our spiritual food; without it we starve, as much of the world is doing today. It gives us all we need to live our life in peace, with love and wisdom; it helps deepen our work and play. We become at one with Life. The Oneness in Pure Meditation.