Retreat Centre

for Self-Realization, Pure Meditation
Healing & Counselling

Christchurch, New Zealand

At the Centre we offer Pure Meditation Courses, Yoga Classes, Healing and Counselling Therapies & Retreats to help you to achieve your own unique goals.

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Videos on Pure Meditation, Yoga, Retreats, Healing and Counselling coming soon.

Change is a fact of life that is inevitable. Change is good for us all.

Let us enjoy the experience of change, accepting it for what it is, willingly and with joy, seeing the depth of progress made by doing so.

♡ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ~ Founder, Spiritual Head & Patron of the SevaLight Retreat Centres Worldwide


Meditation Courses & Classes in Christchurch

Pure Meditation is at the heart of the Centre’s work. It is the quickest way to get to know yourself deeply, as you truly are, benefitting every aspect of your life.


Meditation Courses & Classes in Christchurch

Hatha Yoga is for everyone, including complete beginners. Find out why people say that attending yoga classes is the highlight of their week.


Healing Counselling Coaching in Christchurch

Modern Healing and Counselling therapies empower you to be free from what ails you and to live a full, balanced and satisfying life.


Retreats Relaxation Christchurch

Give yourself time and space to be deeply fed in the tranquil environment of the Centre. Leave vibrant, peaceful and clear-headed ~ ready for anything!

Coming Up

Courses, Classes, Events & Retreats in Bishopdale, Christchurch

Yoga Classes Now Running!

Weekly Yoga Classes in Bishopdale, Christchurch. Great for beginners! Thursdays 6.30 – 8 pm.

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Seva Bee Volunteer Day Aug. 17, 9 - 5

Join us for a joyful community day of helping & relaxing. Come for all or part of the day.

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Animal Healing Course Sep. 14 - 15

A practical hands-on course teaching you how to turn your love of animals into healing for them.

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Healing Training Course begins Oct. 20

Professional Course in Pure Spiritual Healing to Diploma Qualification. Interviews are underway.

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Pure Meditative Peace Morning Class Oct. 26

Reduce stress and emotional reactions and improve concentration. A two-hour morning class.

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Garden Open Day Nov. 9, 10 - 2

Come along and have a tour of the Centre and gardens, enjoying tea and healthy, delicious treats.

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Pure Meditation Course Nov. 15-17, 23-24

Learn to master yourself and find inner love, peace, and power to create your own destiny.

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Christmas Celebration Retreat Dec. 24-27

A joyous, spiritual time of peace, silence and meditation. Leave feeling deeply fed on all levels.

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